As an international artisan and business women with 30 years experience in custom painted finishes.  Specializing in Faux Finishes, Murals, Trompe l’oel, Guilding, Restorations, Custom Stenciling and “Visionary Styles”. I have worked with commercial, residential, designers, home owners, international music and sport stars all having their own vision. The key to my success has been to follow my creed.


UNDERSTANDING: Listening to my client’s vision is the first key step.

KNOWLEDGE: Products, resources and techniques allow me to begin the process of fulfilling that vision.

APPLICATION: Work which requires the skill of an engineer with the eye of an artist.

DELIVERY: Accomplishing that vision, on time & on budget.

My gallery is a sample of my work over my career. Contact me for additional information regarding my work and for quotes.

Comments and feed back are welcomed.

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Jeanne Capone
Phone: 647 512 4490